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Les Campbell was an enthusiastic man. He was enthusiastic about young people and he  was enthusiastic about swimming. For more than 25 years, Les was a familiar part of Lynchburg swimming. As a parent, as a de facto coach and trainer, as a leader of the Lynchburg Aquatic League, or as  a meet official, Les always personified the best aspects of swimming competition.  Sportsmanship was more than a word to him; his words of encouragement soothed the  disappointment of defeat for many Lynchburg swimmers and challenged others to move to the next level of competition. Long after his own children had graduated from the Sandusky Swim Club and  after a severe heart attack, Les remained active in swimming, refereeing local college meets and  helping, whenever asked, with LAL meets. For the last several years of his life, he played major roles in the annual A and B Championships. He particularly enjoyed the frenetic activity of the B Championship and was one of the few top officials who was willing to help with this meet. Those who knew him admired his gentleness with young people, his open and friendly manner, his  readiness to help others, and his extraordinary positive attitude toward life.  In recognition of his dedication to the sport of swimming and those who participate in it, the  Coach of the Year Award is given in his name.




2019   Greg Hoffman Peakland

2018   Heath Grishaw Wildwood

2017   Lee Lewis     Rainbow Forest

2016   Hank Reed   Hill City      

2015   Alex Brown   Vista Acres

2014   Hank Reed   Hill City      

2013   Aaron Mabery   Boonsboro

2012   Hank Reed   Hill City      

2011   Aaron Mabery   Boonsboro

2010   Jo Ibarra   Oakwood      

2009   Beth Coleman   Vista Acres

2008   Hank Reed   Hill City      

2007   Greg Hofmann   Rainbow Forest

2006   Aaron Mabery   Boonsboro      

Jacqui Gooden   Falling River

2005   Stuart Frankfort   Oakwood      

2004   Hank Reed   Hill City

Kristen Smith   Vista Acres

2003   Phyllis Thomas   Wildwood      

2002   Aaron Mabery   Boonsboro

2001   Marcus Hill   Boonsboro      

2000   Clyde Smith   Wildwood

1999   Beth Rodgers   Hill City      

1998   Jerry Salmon   Boonsboro

1997   Alex Inge    Rainbow Forest

            Lee Lewis   Rainbow Forest      

1996   Todd Reichert   Poplar Forest

1995   Mike Roberts   Rainbow Forest      

1994   Rob Quel   Peakland

1993   Mark Storm   Sandusky      

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